If you choose STADA IT Solutions, you will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts from IT by means of contemporary business operations, flexibility and innovativeness, ethics, respect for differences, good communication. Employees at STADA IT Solutions cherish these values to the benefit of all target groups. Dynamic global operations give employees an opportunity for professional and personal development in different areas, and STADA IT Solutions is taking care of upgrading that development in a systematic manner through daily formal and informal education of employees.

STADA IT Solutions offers to students an opportunity for growth and development of knowledge, skills and abilities through staff scholarships. Opportunity is also given to students who wish to be introduced to work through practice, applicants without experience, as well as those with experience. We are proud to be a part of STADA Group which conveys international experience to us and offers various possibilities for work in an international environment.


STADA IT Solutions employs over 100 experts in the areas of SAP, Microsoft, application development and IT operations with a goal to provide IT services to entire STADA Group Worldwide. If you are a top IT expert and want to work for STADA group – contact us, we are looking for new experts!
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