Success stories: Emil Joanović

It all started in 1995 in the so-called PC group, which was dealing with the customer support, PCs (386 and 486), Windows (3.1) support and the network.
The Internet has not been established in Hemofarm yet.
They acquired servers called Hemoserver and Aopserver. Then came the first server rack, storage, blade chassis.

As the systems were becoming more numerous and complicated, there was a distribution of work: Emil continued taking care of the IT infrastructure and virtualization in the server room in Vrsac and other locations, and the customer support turned into the newly-established Service Desk.
During the SAP implementation, he was an associate member of the SAP Basis team for having an expert knowledge on the server and network architecture, as well as the protocols.

He has been recognized as one of the high quality experts in the IT infrastructure, servers, storages and virtualization processes.

After tens of halfmarathons, he ran 10 marathons as a member of the Hemofarm Athletics Team: Belgrade, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Frankfurt, Turin and Ljubljana. He is particularly fond of one Olympic distance thriatlon finisher medal.

Running, hiking, biking, MTB – he likes to be surrounded by the wildlife. His collegues and associates describe him as a proactive, persistent, and a little stubborn but reliable collegue.

Additionally, he is our very significant blood donor.
Thank you Emil, for being part of our company for more than 24 years.
Success stories: Emil Joanović